CMS 10.6 Copying Category Associations


CMS 10.6 must be installed. See CMS Statistics for details to check your version.

Users can add all the content item associations of one or more categories to another category by copying and pasting the associations in the Taxonomy Tree.


Users can choose to copy individual categories or to copy categories with their child categories.

To copy a category:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Taxonomy.
  2. Right-click the category with the content item associations you want to copy, and select Copy Associations in the context menu.

    You can simultaneously copy associations from multiple categories by pressing CRTL+Click or SHIFT+Click on the categories before selecting Copy Associations.

    Copy Associations

  3. Right-click the category that will receive the new content item associations, and select Paste Associations.

    Paste Associations

    The system adds the copied content item associations to the category. See the Associations tab to review the new additions.


    If the target category already includes some of the pasted content item associations, the system ignores the duplicate associations. The system only adds new associations the recipient category.

    Pasted Associations