Testing MVC Solution in Preview Tab

Once you have developed views in Visual Studio, you can preview them in the CMS to make sure they display properly.

To test your MVC solution in the Preview tab:
  1. Navigate to Site > Preview tab.
  2. Reload your browser. The Preview tab displays the published XML content as styled HTML.

Next Steps:

You do not need to rebuild your VS solution for the Preview tab to display page content in accordance with the new view; however, you may need to flush your local browser's cache before the view displays in the Preview tab.

In Chrome, this is a simple procedure:

  1. Press F12 on your keyboard. Chrome's developer pane opens.
  2. Right-click the Reload button within the tab displaying Ingeniux CMS.

    Chrome Reload

  3. Select Empty Cache and Hard Reload. After the tab has reloaded, the page's content renders within the new view.