Troubleshooting Add-on Updates


CMS content contributors may receive an error when checking for Ingeniux CMS Connector version add-on updates, or, when updates become available, contributors may not immediately see the new update in the available add-on updates list. This issue may occur if the Oxygen XML doesn't have access to the appropriate add-on site URL.
To update the add-on site URL:
  1. Open the Oxygen XML Web Editor application.
  2. Navigate to Options > Preferences...

    Options > Preferences...

    The Preferences dialog displays.
  3. Select Add-ons in the Preferences list.
    The Add-ons screen displays a list of available Add-ons Site URLs.

    Add-on Preferences

  4. Ensure that Global Options displays as selected in the bottom-left area under the Add-ons Site URLs list.
  5. Select or clear the Enable automatic updates checking checkbox.

    If selected (recommended), the Manage add-ons automatically checks for new version add-on updates to install.

    Enable Automatic Updates Checking in Add-on Preferences

  6. Confirm that the following URL displays in the Add-ons Site URLs list:  
  7. If the URL above doesn't display as expected in the Add-ons Site URLs list, then choose one of the following steps:
    • If the URL doesn't display correctly, then click Edit. Enter the appropriate URL in the field, and click OK.
    • If no URL displays for the Ingeniux CMS Connector add-on, then click Add. Enter the appropriate URL in the field, and click OK.
    When users check for add-on updates and the Add-ons Site URLs list contains invalid URLs, Oxygen XML Editor returns 404 errors. If invalid or inapplicable URLs display in the Add-ons Site URLs list after completing this step, then select the URL(s) and click Delete.
  8. Select OK to apply the URL changes and to close the Preferences dialog.

Next Steps: Install Add-on Updates to check for and install Ingeniux CMS Connector add-on version updates.