Analytics Settings


Administrators can implement analytics to track publishing target data.
To configure analytics settings:
  1. Navigate to Administration > Publishing System > Publishing Targets.
  2. Select the appropriate publishing target from the Managing Publishing Targets list. The Info tab displays.
  3. Select the Enable Analytics for Publishing Target checkbox in the Analytics Settings area. The Data Provider drop-down list displays.

    Analytics Settings

  4. Select one of the following analytics options from the Data Provider drop-down list:
    Google Analytics ProviderConnects the Google Analytics account to the replicated DSS site to which the publishing target replicates. See Configuring Google Analytics for details.
    Sample ProviderDisplays sample data for publishing target content on analytics pages.
    This option displays pseudo data for demonstration purposes only (i.e., doesn't pull data from an actual provider).
  5. Click Save in the top right corner of the publishing target view.

    Save Publishing Target

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