Permissioned Workflow

Administrators create workflows to help users manage the quality of published content and to aid in communication among stakeholders. Use Permissioned Workflow settings to restrict which group members display in the workflow transition drop-down list and to restrict which group members can advance content items to the next workstate.

To restrict who can transition workflow states:
  1. Navigate to Administration > System Options > CMS > Workflow > Permissioned Workflow.

    Permissioned Workflow

  2. If you select theEnable Permissioned Workflowcheckbox, this setting limits available users only to those who have full permissions to the content item. Only those users display in the transition drop-down list. For example, in the screenshot below, enabling permissioned workflow restricted the drop-down list to a single user.

    Restricting Permissions in Advance Workflow

  3. If you only want the members of the current workgroup to advance workflow to the next workstate, then enable the Restrict "Allow user to advance workflows assigned to others" to members of the current workflow group option.
    You will find the referenced option that allows users to transition pages assigned to others in Administration > Users/Groups > Groups > Permissions > Permissions on Workflow.
  4. Click Save.