Finalizing Translations


The Finalize Translation tool operates similarly to the Diff Against Version tool. When users make changes to the master page after the translation finalizes, the clone page's Translate tab tracks and displays the master changes made since the last finalized translation.

By viewing the master changes in the Translate tab, editors can immediately compare and update the translation without directly referencing the master page.

To track master page changes, WordView requires the user to finalize the translation. This action tells the system how to map the current source content against the last translated version.

To finalize the translation:
  1. Navigate to Site > Site Tree.
  2. Select and check out the translated page in the Site Tree.
  3. Click the Translate tab.
    Additional Information

    The Translate tab features side-by-side text fields designed to increase the efficiency of translation. The read-only fields display the master page text on the left. The editable fields display the cloned text on the right.

    If you meet all the prerequisites and the Translate tab doesn't display, recycle the CMS site application pool.

    See Translate Tab for details about the Translate tab user interface.

    Side-by-Side Translation

  4. Modify the translated content as needed against the current version of the checked-in master page content.
    Additional Information
    If the master and clone pages use different schemas, the Translate tab content adheres to the clone page schema. If the translator saves the page, the translated values in the Translate tab display in the Edit tab and vice versa.
  5. Click Save.
    The Finalize Translation button displays as inactive until the user makes a change and clicks Save.

    Finalize Translation

  6. Click Finalize Translation to confirm that you translated the content based on the current checked-in master page version. The translated page checks in and starts tracking lingual map changes.
    If the master page xID changes after the translation has been placed in the finalize state, the translation becomes unfinalized (i.e., The Translate tab displays the new master page content but stops tracking the master changes).
  7. Optional: To see how Finalize Translation works, use the following steps:
    1. Navigate to the master page. Make a change to the master page in the Edit form, and click Save. The Finalize Translation tool tracks the change, regardless of whether you check in or out the master page.
    2. Navigate to and check out the translated page.
      If you meet all the prerequisites and the Translate tab doesn't display, navigate away from and return to the translated page to make the tab display.
    3. Select the Translate tab. The tracked master page change displays, as the change was made after the last finalized translation.

      Finalized Translation Diff