Creating Region Root Collection


Paste New Region Root clones the entire locale-specific collection (region root locale) to a location within the Site Tree. Only administrators can change WorldView settings and execute Paste New Region Root.

In the steps below, the master pages are in English; however, master pages can, of course, be in any language.

To paste a new clone region root from the master region root into a folder:
  1. Navigate to Site > Site Tree.
  2. In the Site Tree, right-click the master (English) region root to translate. In this scenario, this folder is named Site Folder (English).
  3. Click Copy.

    Copy in Context Menu

  4. Right-click the top-level node of the site (e.g., Ingeniux CMS) or the containing folder in the Site Tree. In the context menu, Paste New Region Root becomes available.

    Paste New Region in Context Menu

    Additional Information
    Paste Region Root displays as inactive if all the following conditions are met:
    • The Allowed to Have Region Roots of Other Languages as Children checkbox is cleared in the Page Properties > Language tab.
    • You try to paste the region root in a locale-specific collection associated with a differing language or region.
  5. Select Paste New Region Root. The Select Language dialog opens.

    Select Language Dialog

    Pasting a new region root triggers a check on elements to determine if the xIDs linked/referenced have clone equivalents. If these xIDs have clone equivalents, then the new clone page updates these links to reflect the clone xID equivalents in the new region root collection. See WorldView Properties for details.
  6. Begin entering a language (e.g., Spanish) in the Select language for page field. The system dynamically displays the languages that match your entry.
  7. Select the appropriate language from the drop-down menu.
    If the appropriate language does not display in the drop-down menu, ensure that the original language and all languages targeted for translation are added to the Available languages for page language settings list within WorldView Configuration.
  8. Click OK. Within the containing folder, your new region root displays with cloned pages. Two site folders (region roots) display in the Site Treethe original master region root containing master pages (English) and the clone region root containing the clone pages (Spanish).
    You may need to refresh your browser before the clone pages display in the Site Tree.
  9. Rename the region root folder that contains the clone pages (e.g., Site Folder (Spanish)) so that it is clearly identifiable. The cloned content is now ready for translation in the Translate tab.

    Translation Area

Next Steps: Translate pages to translate clone region root content into the appropriate language.