Setting DITA Advanced Options

Access DITA Advanced Options to determine the following settings:

  • Allowed duration before an idle DITA-OT transformation times out.
  • Maximum amount of DITA-OT temp folders and logs the system can store.
  • Maximum amount of preview cache folders the system can store.
  • Whether to run path-to-ID conversions for peer-scoped references.
  • Whether enable the Oxygen Desktop Plugin Web Launcher for DITA users.
To define DITA Advanced Options:
  1. Navigate to Administration > DITA > Setup.
  2. Select Edit Options in the DITA Advanced Options header.
    The DITA Advanced Options area expands.

    DITA Advanced Options

  3. Modify one or more of the following fields to suit your needs.
    FieldDefault ValueDescription
    DITA-OT Invoke Timeout2This DITA Open Toolkit option controls the duration, in minutes, that the invoke command can idle before Ingeniux CMS terminated the process.
    Temp Folders/Logs to Keep100This option determines the maximum number of temporary folders to retain before the CMS removes the oldest ones.
    DITA-OT logs reside in temporary folders.
    Preview Caches to Keep300This option determines the maximum number of preview cache folders to retain before the CMS removes the oldest ones.
    Skip path-to-ID conversion for peer-scoped references checkboxselectedIf selected, the DITA-OT will skip path-to-ID conversion for peer-scoped references. This means that the DITA-OT build will not attempt to resolved direct or indirect references at build time when scope="peer".

    If cleared, the system assumes these references will be valid at runtime.

    Allow invoking Oxygen Desktop XML Author for DITA editingclearedIf selected, users can access the Oxygen Desktop Plugin Web Launcher feature to open CMS DITA content in Oxygen XML Editor.
    Additional Information
    This setting only applies to CMS implementations with the Oxygen Desktop Plugin configured.

    See Creating and Modifying DITA Topics for details about DITA authoring tools that can integrate with the CMS.

    If your organization uses the Oxygen Desktop Plugin, see CMS 10.6 Opening Oxygen via Web Launcher for details about the Web Launcher feature.

Next Steps: If not already installed, then install your preferred DITA Open Toolkit (DITA-OT) version for the CMS. The DITA publishing pipeline requires the DITA-OT installation to run DITA publish and preview transformation processes.