Working with the DSS API

The methods and properties that we work with in DSS views are part of the DSS application programming interface (API). The DSS software comes with a class library that describes the DSS API.

To access the DSS API Library:
  1. Navigate to [Local Disk]\Ingeniux CMS 10.x.
  2. Select Ingeniux CMS Dynamic Site Server API Reference. The Ingeniux DSS Library opens in your system's compiled help viewer.

In our sample site, we've already seen the DSS API in action (e.g., _Helpers.cshtml and _Functions.cshtml in [Drive]:\[path-to-cms-installation]\site\dss_preview\app_code). The following interfaces and classes-and the methods and properties they expose-are particularly useful for working with views in an Ingeniux MVC solution:

You can also reference the Ingeniux DSS API Documentation in its entirety on the Ingeniux Support site.