Creating Favorite Element Groups in Schemas

Prerequisites: See Schema Designer Prerequisites for details.

Save frequently used element groups in the Favorites tab to streamline the process of creating and editing schemas. Favorite fields groups save all your field value configurations, which can be reused in schemas.

To add an element or group of elements to the Favorites tab:
  1. Navigate to Administration > Schema Designer.
  2. Select the schema from the appropriate tab in the Management view.

    Edit Schema

  3. Click Edit in the Actions menu. The Create/Edit view displays.
  4. Click the Favorites tab.
  5. Select an element in the Elements tab. Use Shift+Click to multi-select elements.
    Additional Info:

    Dragging multiple elements adds them, in the order listed, to the same favorite fields group. Only fields selected in consecutive order can be added to the same group.

    Drag Favorite Elements in Schema Designer

  6. Drag the selected element(s) to the Favorites tab. The Add Favorite Fields Group dialog displays.

    Add Favorite Fields Group

  7. Enter a name for the group.
  8. Click Create Favorite Fields Group.
  9. Optional: To make the new favorite fields group available to CMS users with appropriate permissions, select the group's Public checkbox within the Favorites tab. If you clear Public checkbox, the favorite fields group is available to you, exclusively.

Next Steps: To reuse element fields, drag the favorite fields group from the Favorites tab to the Elements tab in the desired schema.