Document Modules

The Documents module provides a convenient way to store and share documents. Similar to a public file folder on a network, use the module to organize and discover documents.

Open the desired folio and select Documents from the Browse area or the folio navigation to view the module. Folio navigation displays the modules at the top of the folio.

Navigate to Documents Module

Documents Module View

The module view displays documents based on folder location or associated categories via the View By area.

The Folder tab displays the folder structure and the Categories tab displays categories associated with documents.

Plus (+) buttons display next to folders that contain sub-folders (i.e., children). Click the plus (+) button to expand the folder.

The table displays information about each document.

Documents Module Table

Data types include:
Column HeaderDescription
NameName of the item.
Click the name to go to the item.
Sort the table by name in ascending or descending order.
DownloadAccess point to download the item.
Click the icon to download the current version of the item.
VersionsTotal versions available for download in the item's version history.
CommentsTotal comments on the item.
Created ByUser that created the item.
Click the name to go to the user.
Sort the table by creation date in ascending or descending order.
CreatedDate of item creation.
Last UpdatedDate the item was last saved.
Actions menu (e.g., Manage, Edit, Delete)Actions the creator or moderator can use within the item (i.e., item actions area).
Manage only displays to site administrators and folio administrators.

Click the RSS Feed icon to display the folder RSS Feed.

Documents Folder RSS Feed

Document Item View

If you click a specific document in the table, the content item's view displays. Users can download current and previous versions of the document, view associated categories in the Posted In field, and post comments via the XHTML editor.

The item creator can edit or delete the item, and folio administrators and moderators can manage the item.

Documents Module Item