Module Management

Module Management | Manage which modules Cartella creates by default in new folios and user profiles.

Prerequisites: Users require site administrator permissions to access this area.

Use the Module Management settings to select which modules display by default in folios and sub-folios and which modules are created on new accounts.. Modules, which are contained in folios, organize content by type. Users with permissions can access available modules and create content within modules based on the item type.

Modules View in Settings

Note: Use the Folio and Module manager views to manage and create modules for specific folios. See Folio Administration for details.

If the Show By Default checkbox is selected for specific modules, the modules are automatically created within newly created folios. If the Create On New Accounts checkbox is selected, the modules are automatically created within newly created user profiles. Modules different item types:

Module NameItem Type
Document DocumentFolder
Blogs BlogPost
Galleries (image galleries) Gallery
External (external content) SiteContent
Survey SurveyDefinition
Forum ForumTopic
External (external content) SiteContent
Media (video) media
Calendar CalendarEvent
Announcement Announcement
Page ContentPage
Wiki Wiki
Idea Idea
Note: By default, Cartella selects the Show by Default checkbox for document, blog, gallery, and external modules to display in each folio.