Deleting Workstates via the Designing Workflow Area


Delete workstates via the context menu in the Designing Workflow area.

To delete a workflow workstate via the Designing Workflow area context menu:
  1. Navigate to Administration > Workflows Designer.
  2. Select the appropriate workflow from the list.
  3. Click Edit. The workflow view displays.
  4. Right-click the workstate in the Designing Workflow area.
  5. Click Delete Node. Workflow Designer removes the workstate and associated transitions from the Designing Workflow area.
    The start node cannot be deleted. See Start Nodes for details.

    Delete Node (Workstate)

  6. Click Save in the top menu of the Designing Workflow area. Ingeniux CMS saves the workflow in Workflows Designer. This workflow is available for content items in the Site Tree and Assets Tree.
    All workstates require cohesive transitions before saving.