Exporting User Data

Administrators can export user data from Ingeniux CMS to their local computers.

To export user data:
  1. Navigate to Administration > Users/Groups > Users. The Users table displays.

    Exporting Groups Data

  2. Click the table icon. This action exports the users list to your computer in Excel's XML format.
  3. Retrieve Ingeniux_CMS_Users.xls from your system's default download location.

    User List Reference:

    User LoginUser/dschruteUser's ID entered when logging in.
    User NameDave SchruteUser's profile name that identifies user within Ingeniux CMS.
    Emaildschrute@ingeniux.comUser's email address.
    Membership ProviderIngeniuxMembershipProviderMembership name for Active Directory authentication.
    Last Login Time20200206T11:52:05Last time user logged in: [YearMonthDay]T[Hour:Minute:Second].
    Groups Count4Number of groups that user is a member of.
    Assigned Pages Count5Number of pages assigned to user.

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