CMS 10.6 Locating Content in Ingeniux CMS Tree Browser

Use the Oxygen Desktop Plugin Locate Document on CMS Tree action on open items in the main editor or in the DITA Maps Manager interface to identify the exact location of the items within the Ingeniux CMS Browser tab. This action automatically selects the item's location within the CMS tree.

To locate content within the Oxygen Desktop Plugin Ingeniux CMS Browser:
  1. Right-click the tab of the open item via the main editor or via the DITA Maps Manager.
  2. Select Locate Document on CMS Tree in the context menu.

    Locate Document on CMS Tree

    The Oxygen Desktop Plugin executes the action, locating the item within the tree.
  3. Select the Ingeniux CMS Browser tab, and note that the item displays as selected within the CMS tree.

    Selected Item in CMS Tree