Creating Groups in Sub-Folios

Prerequisites: Users require folio administrator+ permissions in the parent folio or sub-folio to complete this task.
Users who have both folio and site administrator permissions, see Creating Groups in Cartella Site Settings for details to create global groups.

Create groups to manage users. Adding users to groups allows folio administrators to add multiple users to the same role.
To create a group:
  1. Log in to Cartella.
  2. Choose one of the following steps.
    • Navigate to [name-of-parent-folio] > [name-of-sub-folio] > Manage > Groups.
    • Navigate to [name-of-parent-folio] > Manage > Modules > [name-of-sub-folio] Manage > Groups.
  3. Click Create New Group.

    The Create Group view displays.
  4. Enter the group name in the Name field.
    If another group uses the same name, an error message displays.
    Duplicate Entry. Group with this name already exists.
    Cartella requires unique names for all groups. If the name already exists and doesn't display the existing group in the Groups view, then the name exists in a different folio or sub-folio.
  5. Click Submit.
    Cartella creates the group.