Setting Up Content Freeze

During a content freeze, only groups and users specified by the administrator can access the CMS client. We recommend using this feature when performing site maintenance.

You can pre-schedule content freezes for as long or short as necessary. The CMS can only schedule one content freeze at a time.

Version Notes: CMS 10.1+
During in-place CMS upgrades, content freezes automatically initiate.
To set a content freeze:
  1. Navigate to Administration > Maintenance > Content Freeze.

    Content Freeze Settings

  2. Enter when the content freeze will start in the Start Date and Start Time fields.
    Start Date and Start Time reflects the current user's timezone. After clicking Start Content Freeze, the time saves as the UTC time value.
  3. Enter how many hours the content freeze will last in the Duration (hours) field.
  4. Click Add Users and/or Groups. The Select Groups and/or Users dialog displays.
  5. Choose users and groups from their respective tabs and click Confirm Selection. The selections display in the Allowed Users and Allowed Groups fields.

    Allowed Users and Groups

  6. Optional: Enter a message about the content freeze details in the Message for Content Freeze field. Upon log in, this message displays to users and groups excluded from the Allowed Users and Allowed Groups fields.

    Message for Content Freeze

    Regardless of whether you include a message, a content freeze notification displays to excluded users who attempt to log in to the CMS. If you enter a message, the message displays in the notification. For example:

    Content Freeze Login Notification

  7. Select or clear the Send notifications to denied users upon content freeze invoke or change checkbox. If selected, this option sends a content freeze notification email to users excluded from the Allowed Users and Allowed Groups fields.
  8. Click Start Content Freeze.
    Version Notes: CMS 10.5

    When a content freeze is active, the snowflake icon displays on the CMS Login page.

    Content Freeze Snowflake Graphic on CMS Login Page

    To deactivate a content freeze, click Cancel Content Freeze.