CMS 10.6 Previewing Content Units in the Design Tab


Preview a thumbnail of presentation content units within the Design tab.

Users can preview only the thumbnail of the content unit within the Design tab.
Each content unit available for Page Builder presentations associates with a view. The built-in views associated with content units reside in the Assets Manager filepath Assets\Views\Shared\Editable. Administrators can edit these views in Administration > Presentation Content Units.

To preview content units:
  1. Expand the Design accordion menu option in the Design tab.
    The Row Layouts section displays.
  2. Select the Content section in the accordion menu Design pane.
    A list of field and component content units displays.

    Content Units List

  3. Optional: Use the following options to filter and search for content units.

    View mode buttons

    Show List ViewShow List View Button

    Show Trays ViewShow Trays View Button

    Choose a view mode:

    Show List View Show List View Button
    Select this button to display the content units in a list.
    Show Trays View Show Trays View Button
    Select this option to directly display the thumbnail of each content unit within the trays view.

    Fields and Components filter checkboxes

    Select or clear the checkboxes to filter available content unit types:

    If selected, displays available field content units.
    If selected, displays available component content units.
    Search field

    Enter a keyword in the Search field.

    Available content units display based on the entered keyword and selected filter option.

  4. Select the View Thumbnail icon View Thumbnail Icon associated with individual content units in either the list view or trays view to preview the each unit's thumbnail.

    A dialog displays, previewing the thumbnail for the content unit. If a content tray doesn't associate with a thumbnail, then the pop-up dialog displays a stock graphic.

    If no thumbnail displays in preview, then administrators may need to provide a thumbnail for the content unit.