Enhancing XHTML Editor Content with Generative AI

  • Users must have permissions to use the Ingeniux AI System tool to enhance content. See [[xxx]] for details.
  • At least one editable XHTML editor element must reside within the site page or component. This element must have existing content for the AI system to help enhance.

Use the CMS 10.6 Ingeniux Artificial Intelligence System (AI) tool to enhance existing XHTML editor element content within site pages and components.

To enhance existing plain text content with the Ingeniux AI System tool:
  1. Navigate to Site > Site Tree.
  2. Check out the page, and navigate to the page's Edit tab.
  3. Choose one of the following edit modes.
  4. Select the XHTML editor element where you want to enhance existing content with generative AI.
  5. Select the Generate or Enhance content AI button Generate or Enhance Content with AI Icon in the top right corner of the XHTML editor element.
    If the Generate or Enhance content AI button Generate or Enhance Content with AI Icon does not display, select Refresh in the Edit tab toolbar and then re-expand the element where you want to access the AI button.

    Generate AI for Text-Based Element

    The Add Content to Field dialog displays.
  6. Choose one of the following steps:
    • Select Enhance to apply generative AI enhancements to the XHTML content as a whole.

      The ENHANCE tag displays in the Prompts for AI field.

      Select "Enhance" in "Add Content to Field" Dialog

    • Use your cursor to select a piece of content within the XHTML that you want to the AI to enhance, and choose Enhance Selected.

      The ENHANCE SELECTION tag in the Prompts for AI field.

      The Enhanced Selected feature is only available for XHTML editor elements.

      Select Text in Field

  7. Choose one of the following steps.
    • Enter your own prompt in the Prompts for AI field, indicating how you want the AI to enhance the current content.
      See OpenAI: GPT best practices for details about providing strategic prompts that will help you to obtain quality results.
    • Select a prompt from thePrompts drop-down list Prompts Drop-Down List Button.

      You can choose a Recent Prompt that you previously applied for enhancing content, or you can choose one of the following Suggested Prompts, which the Ingeniux AI System provides as optional default prompts. Available prompts from the list include:

      Condense contentShortens the existing content to eliminate excess details. While condensing content, the AI tool preserves the overall meaning and main ideas.
      Expand contentLengthens the existing content by adding details, explanations, and examples to convey a deeper understanding of the topic content.
      Improve clarityImproves clarity, coherence, and readability of the content by reorganizing sentences and improving sentence structure.
      SimplifyEnhances accessibility and readability by adding plain language and removing complex terminology and jargon.
      Front-load important informationMoves important information and key points to the beginning of sentences and paragraphs. Front-loading helps to improve clarity and increase the impact of the content for target audiences.
      Improve visual flowEnhances the visual presentation of the text to improve readability. Inserts formatting elements such as bullet lists, subheadings, etc.

  8. Select Generate Content.
    The AI system enhances the existing content based on the provided prompt input.
    You can stop the content generation process at any time by selecting Stop Generating.

    AI System Generating Enhanced Content

  9. Optional: You can choose one or more of the following steps to further modify the generated content after the generation process completes.
    • Modify the generated content by applying your own manual edits directly within the dialog.

      You can add, change, or delete text directly within the newly enhanced content. Place your cursor within the enhanced content to start editing.

    • Run additional AI Enhance or Enhance Selected prompts on the existing content.

      You can further enhance the content by running one or more additional AI prompts on the created content.

    • Use iteration history to revert existing content to content generated from a previous AI prompt.

      You can use iteration history in conjunction with additional new AI prompts to further modify the existing content.

      See Reverting to Previous AI Iteration for details.

    • Run a fresh AI Create New prompt on the generated content.

      If you do not plan to use any of the content the previous AI prompt generated, you can run a new Create New prompt to replace the content.

      See Creating Content with Generative AI for details.


      Create New generates content based on only the provided AI prompt and does not take into account the existing content from the previous prompt. If you run a Create New prompt, the AI content generation process will completely replace the existing content.

      However, keep in mind you can retrieve content generated from previous prompts by using the iteration history tool.

  10. Select Apply to Field when you finish editing the content created by AI.
    After you apply your changes or close Add Content to Field dialog without applying changes, the dialog preserves your previous prompt history. However, the CMS will not preserve your content iteration history. Ensure you are ready to commit or cancel your generative AI changes before closing the dialog.

    Select "Apply to Field"

    The CMS applies the content to the element.
  11. Select Save in the Edit tab toolbar to save your element value changes.