Create New PCRs

Create New provides contributors with quick access to pre-configured Page Creation Rules (PCRs). These PCRs help contributors create content items for a given schema.

Create New

To create a content item with Create New:
  1. Click the blue Create New. A slide-out menu displays.

    Create New Slide Out Menu

  2. Choose one of the PCRs provided. The Choose a name for your new page dialog displays.

    Choose Name for New Page

  3. Provide a page name in the Name field. Click Create.
  4. If there is more than one location in which the item can be created, the Select a Location For the New Page dialog displays. Choose the location from the list.

    Select User Dialog Box

    Version Notes: 10.3+
    As of Ingeniux CMS 10.3, hovering over each parent page node in the Select a Location For the New Page dialog displays its full path.
  5. Click OK. The Select User dialog displays.
    If the PCR does not have a workflow applied, then this dialog does not display.

    Select User Dialog Box

  6. Choose a user from the list of workflow groups and add a comment.
  7. Click OK.