Move Alias Structures via Cut/Paste

Prerequisites: Users must have the following group permissions:
  • Site content item and asset item authoring permissions.
  • Alias management permissions.

Users can move alias structures by cutting and pasting them in the Site Tree.
To move an alias structure via cut/paste:
  1. Navigate to Site > Site Tree.
  2. Right-click the top-level alias of the alias structure you want to move in the Site Tree, and select Cut in the context menu.
    Keep the following in mind.
    • The CMS permanently groups aliases within the generated alias structure, which prevents moving individual aliases out of the structure. In other words, when you move the alias structure, the aliases move as a single object.

    • You can select more than one alias structure to cut by pressing the CTRL+Click or the CTRL+Shift+Click shortcut keys.

    Alias Structure in Site Tree

  3. Right-click the target site content item, and select Paste in the context menu.

    Alias Structure in Site Tree

    The alias structure moves from the original location to the new one, becoming a child of the target site content item.
    If you experience difficulty moving alias structures, keep the following in mind.
    • Alias structures reside under site content items (pages and components) and folders only. The CMS prevents alias structures from becoming direct children of the site root and other alias structures.
    • The Site Tree can contain alias structure instances generated from the same DITA asset. However, the CMS prevents reused alias structures from residing in the same Site Tree location.