Adding Ingeniux AI System Custom Tab

  • System administrators must configure the Ingeniux AI System external module files. See Configuring AI System External Module for details.
  • Users must have administrator permissions to complete this task.

CMS administrators add an AI custom tab to the CMS as part of the Ingeniux AI System setup process. The custom tab defines the CMS administration endpoint for the external module and defines the application scope within the CMS. After adding the custom tab, administrators can modify the AI application in the Apps area.

To add the Ingeniux AI System custom tab:
  1. Navigate to Administration > System Options > CMS > Custom Tabs > Management.
  2. Select Add.

    Add Custom Tab

    The New Custom Tab dialog displays.
  3. Enter AI in the custom tab name field, and select Confirm.
    The new AI custom tab entry displays as expanded in the list.
  4. Enter the following value in the URL field:
    Ingeniux AI System URL

    Enter AI URL in URL Field

  5. Select only the Global App checkbox in the Scope section.
  6. Optional: Choose a CMS System graphic from the Pick Icon drop-down list.
    This graphic serves as the icon for the AI system custom application in the Apps area.
    You can choose an alternative icon Location instead of CMS System. See Adding Custom Tabs for details about alternative icon options.

    Pick Icon Graphic

  7. Select the Save button Save Button in the top left-hand corner of the Custom Tabs Management Configuration screen to register the new custom tab and save your changes.

Next Steps: Configure the AI application within the CMS.