Configuring Ingeniux AI System Application

  • Administrators must set up and manage the Ingeniux AI system custom tab. See Adding Ingeniux AI System Custom Tab for details.

  • Users must have group permissions to access the Apps pane. See Creating Groups for details to set permissions.

  • If not using Ingeniux AI system default access for the ChatGPT connection, administrators must have their OpenAI ChatGPT API key.

    See the Account setup section within the OpenAI: Developer quickstart documentation for details to obtain the private ChatGPT API key.

Administrators configure an AI application in the CMS as part of the Ingeniux AI System setup process. The application interface provides settings to activate the AI system connection, activate ChatGPT access, and choose permissions for user groups.

To configure the Ingeniux AI System application:
  1. Navigate to Apps via the main navigation menu.
  2. Select the AI application in the Apps list.

    Apps Navigation List

    The Ingeniux AI System application settings display in the Setup. If the AI system is not setup, the Status field displays the text Provisioning.
  3. Select Activate Connection in the 1. Connection Activation section.

    Activate Connection in  "1. Connection Activation"

    The connection between the AI system and the CMS instance activates, as indicated by the AI Connection Status field.
  4. Choose your ChatGPT access point preference in the 2. ChatGPT Activation section by selecting one of the following options.
    • Select the Use default Ingeniux provided ChatGPT access option.

      Choose this option to use the AI system with Ingeniux default access. This option does not require you to enter an API key, and this option allows your organization to run up to 100,000 AI system submissions per month. This restriction applies to your organization as a whole, rather than on a "per user" basis.

      If users meet the maximum AI submissions, the AI system prevents users from accessing the AI system tool until the next month begins.

      Keep in mind this option does not provide your organization with the full AI system toolset. The Ingeniux AI System requires you to enter your own API key to access features including the AI Training Model.
    • Select the Access ChatGPT with your own API key option.

      Choose this option to provide your own ChatGPT API key. By providing your own private key, you can connect your ChatGPT profile with the Ingeniux AI system.

      See the prerequisite for details to obtain your API key.

  5. Select the correlating Activate button for the option you chose.

    Choose ChatGPT API Key in "2. ChatGPT Activation"

    The AI system activates with the access point you provided, as indicated by the ChatGPT Status field.
    For activated private keys, the CMS displays the last four letters of the API key within the 2. ChatGPT Activation section.
  6. Determine which user groups will have permission to access the AI system tool by completing the following steps in the 3. Permissions section.
    1. Select Choose Groups.

      Choose Groups in "3. Permissions"

      The Choose User Groups... dialog displays.
    2. Select groups in the All Groups (left) column.
      Keep the following in mind.
      • You can select the Search button Search Button in the All Groups column, and enter keywords in the field that displays to search for available groups.
      • You can select the checkbox next to All Groups to select all available groups.

      The selected groups display in the Groups Chosen (right) column. The system will provide AI system tool permissions for groups within this column.

      CMS 10.6 Choose User Groups... Dialog

    3. Select Choose Groups.

      The selected groups display in the user groups with AI system permissions list.


      You can create new user groups directly AI system app settings by selecting Create New Group in the 3. Permissions section. Enter a Group Name in the Create New User Group dialog that displays, and select Create Group. The AI system automatically provides AI system permissions to the new group.

      CMS 10.6 Create New Group in "3. Permissions"

      Refresh the AI system app settings interface to see the new group in the permissions list. See Creating Groups for details to further modify the group's settings and to add user members.

    The Ingeniux AI System becomes activated for the CMS site. The app settings interface displays the Status field value as Enabled. This indicates you completed each part of the setup, including Connection Activation, ChatGPT Activation, and Permissions.

    You may need to refresh the app settings interface to see the Status switch to Enabled.

    You can disable or enable the Ingeniux AI System application at any time by turning the toggle switch off (disabled) or on (enabled). The toggle switch resides directly under the Setup tab heading in the top right corner of the app settings. When disabled, the Ingeniux AI System tool becomes inaccessible to users.

    CMS 10.6 Create New Group in "3. Permissions"

Next Steps: Review the AI system usage requirements to make the AI system tools available to users on site pages.