Ingeniux AI System Configuration

Prerequisites: CMS 10.6 must be installed. See CMS Statistics for details to check your version.

Integrate the Ingeniux AI System by setting up an external module through CMS 10.6 custom applications. Review the requirements and setup process.

Part 1: CMS Server External Module

The AI system requires system administrators to configure ExternalModules.json for the AI external module on the CMS server.

See Configuring AI System External Module for details.

Part 2: Custom Tab Management

The AI system requires administrators to set up and manage the correlating custom tab.

See Adding Ingeniux AI System Custom Tab for details.

Part 3: AI System App Settings

The AI system requires administrators to set up the correlating custom application in the CMS. Setup includes the following tasks:

  1. Connection activation

  2. ChatGPT activation

  3. Permissions

See Configuring AI App for details.

Part 4: AI System Usage Requirements

After completing the AI system external module setup, the CMS requires administrators to complete additional tasks to make the generative AI tool accessible for content contributors.

See Ingeniux AI System Usage Requirements for details.