DITAVAL Management

DITAVAL files are XML files that control the filtering or flagging of "conditionalized" content. When generating output from DITA source that uses conditional attributes, DITAVAL files provide the output processor (e.g., DITA Open Toolkit) with a set of rules that govern what to hide and what to show in the output.

Ingeniux CMS recognizes DITAVAL files residing anywhere under the DITA-Root folder in Assets, where they can be associated with DITA maps as a step in the publishing configuration process. If your organization used DITA 1.3+, DITAVAL files can be included in DITA Maps at authoring time.

In DITAVAL Management, all DITAVAL files discovered under the root DITA folder display in this view. Administrators can use this view to accomplish the following tasks:

  • Link to specific DITAVAL assets from the aggregated list.
  • Link to any ancestor folder of a DITAVAL file.
  • Determine if any DITA Maps reference DITAVAL files.
  • Determine when DITAVAL assets were last used in a publish.
  • Determine the mark-for-publish status of any DITAVAL asset and which publishing target it has been assigned to.
  • Toggle the mark-for-publish status of any DITAVAL asset to apply or clear it.
  • Re-assign DITAVAL assets.
  • Specify the version of the DITAVAL file on any set publishing target(s).
  • Remove DITAVAL assets from the system.