Ingeniux CMS 10.0-10.3 Installation and Upgrades


If you're installing Ingeniux CMS 10.010.3 for the first time, please follow this process:

  1. Review Ingeniux CMS 10.0-10.3 Prerequisites to ensure your system meets hardware and software requirements.
  2. Prepare Windows Server for the installation. Choose the set of instructions that matches your Windows Server release:
  3. Install the Ingeniux CMS 10.0-10.3 Platform.
  4. Create an Ingeniux CMS 10.0-10.3 Site Instance.

    Note: Before installing a DSS instance, you must first configure a publishing target and then execute a publish to the configured target.

  5. Once you publish to a target successfully, you can install an Ingeniux DSS 10.0-10.3 Instance.

Upgrades, Replacements, Migration, and URL Changes

If you use a prior version of the CMS or DSS and do not want to install a new instance, you may want to upgrade, replace, or change the URL of your site instance.

Note: We recommend reviewing the Ingeniux CMS 10.0-10.3 Prerequisites before upgrading, replacing, or migrating Ingeniux CMS 10.5+ instances. We also recommend reviewing Ingeniux CMS 10.0-10.3 Upgrade Considerations before upgrading CMS instances. 

Choose from the following sets of instructions that best fit your needs:

Note: We recommend that you review the Ingeniux CMS 10.0-10.3 Prerequisites before installing, upgrading, replacing, or migrating Ingeniux CMS. We also recommend that you review Ingeniux CMS 10.0-10.3 Upgrade Considerations before uprading.