Checking RavenDB Services Setup

After installing an Ingeniux CMS instance, verify that the Raven Database (RavenDB) service runs.

CMS 10.6 instances use RavenDB 5.2, whereas CMS 10.5 instances use RavenDB 4.2.

To confirm that the RavenDB service is running for CMS 10.6 or CMS 10.5:
  1. Open the Windows Services application on the server where your RavenDB instance is running.
    Navigate to Control Panel\System and Security\Administrative Tools\Services in the server's File Explorer to access Services.
  2. In the services list, find the new service with the following naming convention:Raven DB Server @ https:[CMS Instance Name]:[Port Number]
    Additional Information
    The installation process finds an available port number, which listens for incoming RavenDB requests, by starting at port 8080 and then moving upwards sequentially until the system finds and assigns an available port number.
  3. Ensure that the RavenDB ContentStore service started.

    Its Status value will display as Running.

    RavenDB ContentStore Service

    By default, the RavenDB ContentStore service starts automatically.
  4. If you need to start the RavenDB service, then right-click the service and select Start.
    The stopped service will start up, and its Status value will display as Running.