Adding Aliases

The aliases feature helps organizations model complex format integrations (e.g., CMS pages + DITA) in the Site Tree prior to publishing the collection. In the Alias Manager, you create alias structures from DITA maps. These structures display in the Site Tree under parent pages or folders of your choice.

Users can alternatively create aliases via utility trees. See Adding Aliases via Utility Trees for details.
To add an alias:
  1. Navigate to Assets > [Select DITA asset] > DITA Properties > Alias Management.
  2. Click the Add Alias button.
    The Create Alias Structure for Asset dialog displays.

    Create Alias Structure for Asset Dialog

  3. Choose one of the following ways to configure the parent page for the alias structure:
    • If you know the xID of the parent page, enable the Search for Page option, enter the xID in the field provided, then select from the results list.
    • If you'd rather navigate to the page, enable the Select Page from Site Tree option, then select the appropriate parent page from the tree.
  4. Click Create Alias.
  5. In the confirmation dialog, click Create if the intended DITA map, which will be used to create the alias structure, is under the appropriate page.
    The alias now displays in the Aliases list within the Manage Aliases tab.