InSite Search Release Notes

Build Compatibility

  • 2.1.x is compatible with CMS 9 releases up to SR5
  • 2.2.x through 2.8.x is compatible with CMS 9 SR6 through CMS 9 SR8
  • 2.9.x - 2.12.x is compatible CMS 9 SR6+ and CMS 10.0 - 10.3

Current Version: InSite Search 2.12.29 - March 28, 2019

  • Added side-by-side re-indexing, which allows InSite Search to create a new index on configuration changes that require a full re-index. During re-indexing, InSite Search will continue to serve search results.
  • Added the indexingQueueCapacity configuration in search.config to limit excessive memory use by queuing InSite Search indexing tasks.
  • Added sample files, containing wrappers for use with DEX-based implementation projects, in the InSite Search DEX NuGet Package.
  • InSite Search Analytics will now track all queries conducted against the site, regardless of whether the term searched produces results counts or not.
  • Added Azure Application Insights custom metrics for InSite Search. Refer to DSS Custom Metrics with Azure Application Insights for more information.
  • Added the additionalquery parameter to DEX search components, which allows for passing additional Lucene queries to a DEX search implementation.
  • To reduce scenarios where logging would consume disk space, low-level Lucene logs are now disabled by default. They can be re-enabled via Search.config setting OmitLuceneMessagesLog to false (boolean, defaults to true).
  • Added a new search parameter, excludesuggests (boolean, defaults to false), to enable/disable automatic search suggestions at query time. Note that this parameter assumes that the Search.config setting IncludeSpellcheckSuggestionsInQueryBuilding is enabled.
  • Added a new configuration to SpellcheckerSource.config, ContentTermsCollectionLimit, which sets the top number of returned spell-checked terms instead of returning all.
  • Added support in custom search implementations to exclude fields from constructed queries based on their CMS Page Element name. This is initial groundwork for future enhancements around improving the exclusion logic and configuration in InSite Search.
  • Addressed an issue where SiteCrawler search sources would re-index pages more than once on repeated re-index cycles.
  • Addressed an issue where multiple indexing readers were queueing that caused delays in index writing, resulting in stale search content.
  • Site Crawler profiles can now be configured to limit indexing of pages based on a URL prefix match via the urlRestrictionPrefixes setting. This setting supports a comma-separated list of prefixes for a given profile. Refer to Configuring SiteCrawlerSource.config for more information.
  • Added a new boolean setting, caseInsensitiveUrlMatch (boolean, defaults to false), to Site Crawler configuration that will prevent URL links to the same page with different casing from being indexed as unique documents in the search index.
  • Recycling the application pool would sometimes result in no data being returned from search results.
  • Fixed an issue where Spellchecker indexes would duplicate index entries instead of flushing and updating the entries in the index.
  • Added additional logging to indicate whether indexing is enabled or disabled.
  • CMS Link Elements to Document Assets would index its path value as the asset ID value. This has been fixed, and the expanded path to the asset is now indexed.
  • Addressed an issue where custom search implementations that used a trailing wildcard to construct synonym searches would not return synonym results.


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