CMS 10.0–10.5 Boosting or Excluding Schema Fields

Administrators can add exclusions or boost values for specific schema fields.

To boost or exclude schema fields:
  1. Navigate to Administration > InSite Search Configuration.
  2. Select the Schemas tab.
  3. Click the Schema Boost and Fields accordion.

    Initially, it's located at the bottom of the Schemas tab.

  4. Click the Add Schema Specific Definitions plus (+) button to create a new schema definition in the Schema Boost and Fields area.

    Add Schema Specific Definitions Button

  5. Select a schema from the Schema drop-down menu, or enter a custom schema name.
  6. Optional: If you want to change the boost value of the schema as a whole, you can increase or decrease its relative value in the Schema Boost Value field.

    The default value for all schemas is 1.0. This value should be set from 0 to 2.0. (Higher values are not recommended because this would push all documents to top in returned results.) This setting controls the positions of documents in search results. Default value (0.25) allows pages to show up before documents (e.g., MS Word, PDF) in general.

    Change Boost Value for Schema

  7. Optional: By default, the schema definition applies to all publishing targets. To apply it to a specific target, click Select Targets and choose a target or multiple targets from the dialog that displays.
  8. Click Select Targets.
  9. Click the plus (+) button within the schema definition, and choose either the Add Exclusion or Add Boost option.

    Schema Exclusion and Boost

    • To add a field exclusion on the defined schema:
      • Select the schema-specific field from the Field Name menu.

        Add Exclusion

    • To change a boost value on the defined schema:
      1. Select the schema-specific field from the Field Name menu.
      2. Enter a value in the Boost Value field.
        The boost value ranks search matches within the named field. For example, assuming no other influences, a boost value of 2.0 will rank a field higher than another field that is ranked 1.5. While you can set the boost value from a range of 1.0 through 4.0, the recommended range is to stay within 1.0 through 2.0, as higher values tend to introduce additional variances in results. Keep in mind that boosting is also dependent on the how often the term occurs in the boosted field.

        Add Boost

  10. Click Save in the Actions menu when you finish.