Searching DITA Assets

Users can employ the Ingeniux CMS Browser tab Search tool to search for CMS assets in the Oxygen Desktop Plugin and search for CMS assets based on their file name.

Tip: The Oxygen Desktop Plugin also provides the search functionality in file browser dialogs (e.g., inserting CMS images, DITA links, etc.).

To search for assets via the Oxygen Desktop Plugin:

  1. Open the Oxygen XML Web Editor application.
  2. Optional: Select a folder in the Ingeniux CMS Browser tab. This selection narrows the search scope to folders and assets contained within the chosen folder. If you don't select a folder, the system searches all content within the DITA root folder.

    Select Parent Folder for Search Query

  3. Enter a search term in the Ingeniux CMS browser tab search field, and click Search. The Ingeniux CMS Search Result tab displays the Parent Folder (i.e., the folder you selected for the search scope), the Total Results, and a results list of returned assets.

    Search for Term in Ingeniux CMS Browser Tab

    Ingeniux CMS Search Results Tab

    Additional Information:

    The system paginates entries in the Search Result tab. For example, let's say the maximum pagination number is 40. The system will display the first 40 search results in the list. If the search query returns more than 40 results, then users can click More... to load more result entries. CMS system administrators configure this option (i.e., the treeChildrenPageSize key) in the Oxygen Web Service Web.config file.

  4. Optional: Right-click a search result to display context menu actions. Users can execute context menu actions directly from the search results list.
  5. Optional: Double-click DITA and XML document assets to open them in the main pane Editor, and double-click image assets to open them in Image Preview.

    Context Menu Options in Ingeniux CMS Search Results Tab