Editing Assets

Ingeniux CMS can store the assets types listed in the table below. Moreover, you can edit descriptive metadata and view technical metadata for each of these asset types. However, not all of these asset types are editable within Ingeniux CMS, as the table indicates. Audio, binary, document, and video files must be edited in an external editor.

Asset Type Default Extensions* Editable (Y/N)
Audio aif|iff|m3u|mp4a|mid|mp3|mpa|ra|wav|wma N
Binary --Empty-- N
Code --Empty-- Y
CSS css|less|sass|scss Y
Document doc|docx|log|msg|rtf|wpd|wps|xls|xlsx|pps|ppsx|ppt|pptx|pdf N
Image bmp|gif|jpg|jpeg|png|tif|yuv|svg Y
JSON json Y
JS js|ts Y
HTML htm|html Y
Text txt|csv Y
Video 3g2|3gp|asf|asx|avi|flv|m4v|mkv|mov|mp4|mpg|rm|swf|voc|wmv N
View cshtml Y
XML xml|xaml|saml|dita|ditamap Y
XSLT xsl|xslt Y
*In Schema Designer, the extensions in the Allowable Extensions field are delimited with pipes (|), as exemplified in this table.

Note: In Ingeniux CMS 10.x, administrators and developers can create MVC views as managed assets and publish the views to a DSS instance. Modifying MVC views in the CMS doesn’t require server or full DSS project access. MVC views in the Assets Tree override existing views of the same filepath in the target DSS site implementation. See MVC Views as Managed Assets for details.

This section includes: