Uploading Zipped Assets

To upload assets in a zip file:

  1. Navigate to Assets.
  2. Choose a folder that will contain the assets in the zip file, or create a new folder.

    Note: Ensure that the containing folder allows the zip extension. See Creating New Asset Folders for details.

  3. Click Create New Asset in the Folder tab.
  4. Drag *.zip from your operating system's file explorer into the Drag files here workspace.
  5. To allow the system to set a default asset schema, based on the extension of the asset, select the Use default asset schema check box.
  6. If you are updating an asset with a file name that is already in use within the chosen upload directory, select the Update existing assets for conflicting names check box.
  7. Click Upload. The Zip unpack options dialog displays.
  8. Select the appropriate options for your needs:
    • Unpack zip packages: Select this option if you want to expand the zip file(s). Alternately, clear this option to store the compressed zip file without unpacking it.
    • Clean existing folders with package name: Selecting this option removes the zip file after its contents have been unpacked.
    • Skipping creating assets when matching path found: Selecting this option prevents the CMS from overwriting an existing asset with the same path as one in the zip file.
  9. Click OK.