Resizing Images

Users can adjust the dimensions of images by resizing them. 

Rather than navigating to the Assets Manager to resize images, users can alternatively use this shortcut tool to resize images without leaving the Site area.

Resize as needed to fit images within given spaces. Smaller dimensions can also decrease the image download duration.

Important: Changes saved in the Ingeniux Editor register as a new version of the asset in the Assets Manager. See Assets History for details. 

To resize images via the Image Editor:

  1. Navigate to Site Site Tree.
  2. Click a page or component that contains an XHTML editor element.
  3. Check out the page and expand the XHTML editor element.
  4. Choose one of the following steps:
    • Select the Insert/Edit image icon in the XHTML editor toolbar.
    • Right-click the XHTML editor area and click Image in the context menu.

    The Insert/edit Image dialog displays.

  5. Click the Source icon button. The Select an Asset dialog displays.
  6. Navigate to the asset folder and double click the image. The Ingeniux Image Editor dialog displays.
  7. Click Resize in the toolbar. Use the following fields to set the dimensions that suit your needs:
    Field Description
    Keep Aspect Ratio checkbox If selected, the system automatically scales the height value to the width value so that the image remains proportional.
    Width Sets the image width value in pixels.
    Height Set the image height value in pixels.
  8. Click the checkmark (✓) icon to confirm your edits.
  9. Choose one of the following steps:
    • Click Save to save the edits to the current image.
    • Click Save As to save the image as a new asset with a separate asset ID.