Anchor Links

You may find it convenient to create links within a page or to link to a specific location within another page. To create an anchor link, you first need to insert an anchor within the tag you want to target.

To insert an anchor:

  1. Navigate to Site > Site Tree.
  2. Navigate to the targeted page and ensure it has an XHTML Editor element.
  3. Check out the page.
  4. Select the desired text for the anchor insertion in the XHTML Editor field.

    Insert/Edit Link Button

  5. Select the Anchor icon. The Anchor dialog displays.
  6. Enter a value (e.g., x43) in the Id field.
  7. Click Ok.

You can use the UI to target the anchor that you created with an anchor link.

To create a link to the anchor:

  1. Navigate to a page containing the XHTML editor. Ensure the page is checked out.
  2. Select the desired text for the starting point of the anchor link.

    Insert/Edit Link Button

  3. Click the Insert/edit link button. The Insert/Edit Link dialog displays.

    Anchor Link

  4. Select Anchor in the Link To area.
  5. Choose one of the following steps:
    • Enter the name of the ID attribute value, which you provided when you created the anchor, in the Anchor field. Be sure to precede the ID attribute value with a number sign (e.g., #any-id-you-like).
    • Select the desired anchor ID in the Anchors drop-down list. The selected anchor ID populates the Anchor field, automatically with a preceding number sign.

      Note: If the desired anchor ID does not display in the Anchors drop-down list, then ensure your anchor tag is configured, accurately.

  6. Optional: Enter information about where the link will send the user in the Title field.
  7. In the Target drop-down list, select Open in this window/frame to open the linked page in the current window or Open in new window/frame to open it in a new window.
  8. Optional: Select a class to classify your link in the Class drop-down list.

    Note: This information is the value of the class attribute in the HTML source.

  9. Click Insert.