Adding Clone Pages After Initial Language Assignments


Adding cloned pages is useful when administrators add new pages to the master language set that require translation. These new master pages must be associated with cloned counterparts.

Only administrators can add clones to master pages.

In the following scenario, the Spanish region root has already been established in the Site Tree. While the master pages can be in any language, they are in English in this case.

The new cloned page cannot have the same region root as its master page or a mapped sibling cloned page. For example, if the master page maps to a Spanish (Mexico) clone page, Ingeniux CMS prevents the master page from mapping to additional Spanish (Mexico) cloned pages. If the master page associates with English (United States), then the master page cannot map to an English (United States) clone page.
To associate a cloned page with a master page:
  1. Navigate to Site > Site Tree.
  2. Add a page to the master region root folder.

    For example, in the English master region root, this new master page is named Services (Master), where "(Master)" is only for identification purposes. At this point, this master page does not have an equivalent clone.

    Master Page without Clone

  3. Add a page to the Spanish clone region root folder in the Site Tree.For example, in the Spanish clone region root, this new cloned page is named Services (Clone), where "(Clone)" is just for identification purposes. As yet, this page is not associated with a master page.

    Clone Page without Master

  4. Select the new master page (e.g., Services (Master)) in the Site Tree.
  5. Navigate to Properties tab > WorldView option in the Site pane.
  6. Drag the clone (e.g., Services (Clone)) from the Site Tree to the Add Clone(s) field or enter its xID in this field. The added clone's name and xID display in the Add Clone(s) list.

    Associate Clone Page with Master Page

  7. Click the Add Clone(s) button to verify your selection. The newly cloned page moves to the Clone Page(s) list.

    Clone Page Established

    You may need to refresh the page before the cloned page displays in the Clone Page(s) area.

Next Steps: Translate the cloned page fields to the appropriate language (e.g., translate from English to Spanish).

Additional Information

If the master and clone pages use different schemas, the Translate tab content always associates with the cloned page schema.

Translate Clone Page