DITA Map Manager's Main View

All DITA map files under the root DITA folder display in the main list view of the DITA Map Manager. Administrators can use this view to accomplish the following tasks from the aggregated map list:

  • Link to specific DITA map assets in the Asset Tree from the aggregated list by clicking the appropriate DITA map in the Name column.

  • Link to any ancestor folder of a DITA map file by clicking the appropriate folder step in the DITA map path.

  • Determine how many resources are associated with each DITA map in the Coverage column.

  • Determine if any DITA maps are in a workflow. If so, the workflow name and current state display in the Workstate column

  • Determine when DITA map assets were last processed by the DITA processor and included in a publish in the Last Publish column.

  • Remove DITA maps (i.e., send them to the Assets Recycle Folder) by clicking the corresponding trash icon.

  • Download a CSV file containing information about the aggregated list of DITA maps, including assigned metadata values by clicking Download CVS.

  • Search for specific DITA maps by entering the name of the DITA map in the search field.

To access DITA map details for any particular map, enable the View Details icon to the left of the map's name. The DITA Map Details view will display alongside the main view.