CMS 10.0–10.5 Selecting Containers

  • Administrators must complete the prerequisites to enable user access to the Design tab. See Page Builder Prerequisites for details.
  • The following instructions assume that the user doesn't create a presentation, or the user deletes the previous presentation. Users can only build one presentation per page. See CMS 10.0–10.5 Deleting Presentations for details to remove an existing presentation.

In Ingeniux CMS 10.x, <div> tags have evident targets to select design-ready elements. If you haven't created a page presentation, the target icons identify potential containers to hold your presentation layer. In the Design tab workspace, hovering over a container displays a colored background and border. Select a container to create your presentation layer. Clicking the container displays the container's ID next to the target icon and populates the ID in the Design Presentation pane's Container field.

Version Notes: CMS 10.3–10.5
In CMS 10.3–10.5, you can only select and confirm one container for the presentation. Confirming a container hides all other containers and their target icons. Delete the presentation to select or view a different container.

Properties applicable to the container include:

Properties AreaPresentation ObjectDescriptionHow to Access
Presentation PropertiesContainersProperties for your presentation. Use this area to select a container, name the presentation, and assign publishing targets to the presentation.If no container is saved and no presentation exists, Presentation Properties displays in the Design Presentation pane by default.
To select a container for the design presentation:
  1. Navigate to Site > Site Tree.
  2. In the Site Tree, select or create a page with the design view you want to edit.
  3. Check out the page.
  4. Click the Design tab.
    The Design Presentation pane opens to the right of the Design tab workspace.

    Design Workspace and Design Presentation Pane

  5. Hover over the target icon Target Icon to identify the container. Click within the outline to select the container.

    The container displays as selected (e.g., container displays a colored border and background), and the ID populates the Container field in the Presentation Properties area of the Design Presentation pane.

    Select Container

    Containers may be hidden within the Design tab to restrict who can add content to these areas. If this is the case, contact your CMS administrator for the precise name to enter in the Container field.

Next Steps: Set Presentation Properties to confirm the container, create the presentation, and assign publishing targets.