Installing Oxygen Desktop Plugin

Ingeniux provides a plugin to access DITA assets (and other XML assets) in Ingeniux CMS from Oxygen XML Editor. While this section focuses on the plugin as a connector for DITA assets, content contributors can use the plugin for any XML assets that are stored in Ingeniux CMS and edited in Oxygen XML Editor. Once installed, the plugin provides a way to check out, edit, save, and check in DITA resources stored in the CMS Assets Manager. Additionally, contributors can create DITA assets from Oxygen XML Editor and save them to the CMS Assets Manager without leaving the Oxygen XML Editor authoring UI.

The Oxygen Desktop Plugin installation requires CMS system administrators to install the Oxygen Web Service in the Ingeniux CMS Site instance and CMS content contributors to install the Ingeniux CMS Connector in their Oxygen XML Editor 23.1 application.

This section includes:

  1. Installing Oxygen Web Service in Ingeniux CMS (for CMS system administrators)
  2. Installing Ingeniux CMS Connector in Oxygen XML Editor
  3. Installing Add-on Updates