Assigning DITA Assets

Prerequisites: Users must have permissions to assign assets and asset folders from others to themselves in the CMS Assets Manager. See Creating Groups for details to set permissions.

To gain editing permissions to DITA document assets, the system requires the operating user, defined in the configuration dialog, to have the document asset checked out and assigned to them.

Operating users with permissions can execute the Assign to me action to directly assign checked-out document assets from another user or group to themselves via the Oxygen Desktop Plugin.

The operating user can only use the Assign to me action on DITA assets checked out and assigned other users or groups.

Tip: The system automatically assigns document assets to the operating user upon checkout. Operating users with the appropriate permissions can check out any checked-in document asset, no matter if the asset is assigned to another user or group in the CMS. See Checking Out DITA Assets for details.

To assign a CMS DITA document asset via the Oxygen Desktop Plugin:

  1. Open the Oxygen XML Editor application.
  2. Navigate to a checked-out document asset assigned to another user or group within the Ingeniux CMS Browser tab's assets tree structure.

    Note: A lock icon displays next to checked-in document assets in the Ingeniux CMS Browser tree. If you hover over a checked-in document asset, the tooltip text displays Checked out and assigned to [name-of-user-or-group].

    Checked-out DITA Asset Assigned to Other User

  3. Right-click the document asset in the Ingeniux CMS Browser tree, and click Assign to me (or press CTRL+Shift+A).

    Assign to Me

    The system assigns the operating user to the document asset. An unlock icon displays next to the checked-out document asset in the Ingeniux CMS Browser tree.