Creating DITA Assets

Prerequisites: Users must have permissions to create assets in the CMS Assets Manager. See Creating Groups for details to set permissions.

Users can directly create CMS DITA document assets based on templates in Oxygen XML Editor.

For example, users can choose from prebuilt Oxygen XML Editor templates or select their own custom templates to create specific DITA topic types or maps. The system stores new document assets in the CMS Assets Manager.

Keep in mind that ff the CMS system administrator sets the CustomTemplatesOnly key to true, then operating users only have access to custom templates and not Oxygen XML Editor's prebuilt templates for document creation. See Installing Oxygen Web Service for details.

Warning: Do not use tools outside of the Ingeniux CMS Browser tab to create CMS DITA document assets in the Oxygen XML Editor UI. These tools throw errors in the Oxygen Desktop Plugin. If you use outside tools, then restart the Oxygen XML Editor application to clear the errors.

To create a CMS DITA document asset via the Oxygen Editor plugin:

  1. Open the Oxygen XML Web Editor application.
  2. Navigate to the asset folder that will contain the new document asset in the Ingeniux CMS Browser tab tree structure.

    Create Document

  3. Right-click the asset folder, and click Create Document (or press CTRL+Shift+D). The Choose Template to Create Document From dialog displays.

    Choose Template to Create Document From Dialog

  4. Select a template for the new document asset.
  5. Click Choose Template. The Document Name and Extension dialog displays.

    Specify Name and Extension of the Document to Create Dialog

  6. Enter the name of the new document asset in the text field, and click Create Document.
  7. The Oxygen XML Editor plugin creates the document asset based on the template, stores the asset in the CMS Assets Manager, assigns the asset an a/ID, and checks out the asset.