Adding Category Associations via Taxonomy Manager


Users with access to Taxonomy manager can associate multiple content items with individual categories.

Users with appropriate taxonomy permissions in the Site Tree and Assets Tree can add categories to individual content items. See Categorizing Pages and Components and Categorizing Assets for details.
To associate a category with a page or component:
  1. Navigate to Administration > Taxonomy.
  2. Select the category to associate. The Category, Associations, Security, and Synonyms tabs display.
  3. Click the Associations tab. Content items associated with the category display.
  4. Click the plus (+) icon located to the left of the ID column header. The search field displays.

    Add Content Item Association

  5. Enter the ID or first letters of the content item name. Select the content item.

    Search for Content Item

  6. Click the search field plus (+) icon to confirm and save the association. The content item displays in the Associations tab.

    Add Content Item Association

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