Ingeniux CMS 10.5 Installation

System administrators use separate wizards to install the Ingeniux CMS 10.5 software platform and then the CMS site instance(s).

A CMS site instance is either 1) a Web site or 2) a virtual directory underneath a Web site. Supporting files make up each CMS instance. The CMS server may host multiple CMS instances. Single CMS instances may host multiple websites and publishing targets.

CMS 10.5 installation changes include:

  • Site Instance Installs Use RavenDB 4.x. Each site instance install registers the Raven Database (RavenDB) 4.x instance as a Windows service.
  • Site Instance Installs Provide RavenDB Location Choices. System administrators can choose to generate the RavenDB instance on a server that does or doesn't contain the CMS.
  • RavenDB 4.x Authenticates via Certificates. All RavenDB instances use certificate authentication. System administrators can use certificates generated by installation or provide their own.

This section includes: