Saving DITA Assets

Prerequisites: Users must have permissions to check in and out assets in the CMS Assets Manager. See Creating Groups for details to set permissions.

Users can save checked-out DITA document assets assigned to them in the Oxygen Desktop plugin. This action saves document asset changes to the CMS without checking in the asset.

To save a CMS DITA document asset via the Oxygen Desktop Plugin:

  1. Open the Oxygen XML Web Editor application.
  2. Open a checked-out document asset assigned to you from the Ingeniux CMS Browser tab tree structure. The asset displays in the main pane Editor.

    Note: An unlock icon displays next to checked-out document assets assigned to you in the Ingeniux CMS Browser tab. If you hover over a checked-out document asset, the tooltip text displays Checked Out and assigned to [name-of-operating-cms-user].

    Open DITA Document Asset

  3. Make a change to the document asset in the main pane Editor.

    Edit DITA Asset

  4. Save the asset by clicking the Save button in the toolbar or pressing CTRL+S. This action saves the document asset change to the CMS without checking in the asset.

    Note: Keep in mind that when document assets are checked in, the system automatically saves the changes to a new version of the document asset.

    Save DITA Asset