Setting up Automated Tasks in Visual Studio

You'll find a sample Visual Studio solution containing standard operations that will help you develop your own automated tasks solution.

To set up the sample standard operations for Automated Tasks:
  1. After installing the Automated Tasks framework, navigate to [path-to-cms-site-instance]\App_Data\xml\Custom\automated\Standard_Opertations and open API_Extensions_Development_Harness.csproj, then open the project in Visual Studio.
  2. On the Solution Explorer, right-click API_Extensions_Development_Harness and select Manage NuGet Packages.
  3. Verify that all NuGet packages are up-to-date in Visual Studio.
  4. If there are out-of-date or missing packages, click Restore to download the necessary packages.
  5. When the updates are complete, close API_Extensions_Development_Harness.
  6. Right-click the top level of the project.
  7. Select Clean Solution then Rebuild Solution.
  8. Close Visual Studio.
  9. Recycle the CMS application pool in IIS. This loads the application into the CMS.

Next Steps:

See Editing Automated Task Framework's Web.config file.