Aliases and DITA Asset Editing

Users edit the associated DITA assets rather than editing the aliases themselves. When users check in their DITA assets edits, the correlating aliases require updates to sync the new DITA asset content changes. See Alias and DITA Asset Updates for details to update aliases.

When users select an alias in the Site Tree, the associated DITA asset displays in the Assets main pane. If users check out the DITA asset, then all alias instances associated with the DITA asset indicate that the asset is checked out.

Users can access DITA authoring tools to edit their checked-out DITA assets. See Creating and Modifying DITA Topics for details about DITA authoring.

Alias Context Menu Actions

Users can display the Site Tree context menu for aliases. Some context menu actions apply directly to the alias structures, while others apply to the associated DITA asset rather than directly to the selected alias.

See Alias Context Menu Actions for available alias context menu actions.