DITA Upload Issues


After you click the Upload button in the Zip Unpack Options dialog, the CMS checks the uploaded DITA assets for errors. If errors exist, the package displays in the drop zone with a red exclamation mark.


Uploaded DITA content may contain syntax issues, broken references, or missing dependencies. Ingeniux CMS identifies these issues upon upload, so you can correct them.


To troubleshoot the upload errors:
  1. If you hover over the package, a message directs you to the Zip Unpack Errors icon, located at the bottom of the drop zone on the right-hand side.

  2. Click the Zip Unpack Errors icon.

    A dialog displays containing detected errors.
  3. In the Error column, click the asset ID (e.g., a/24729) where the error occurred. This opens the DITA asset in the Overview tab, where you can open the asset in an editor to fix the issue.
  4. Solutions:
    • If the list of errors is extensive, you might consider backing out of the upload by deleting the package from the Asset Tree, fixing the errors in an external editor, then uploading the package to the Asset Tree again.
    • You may find it helpful to use the Copy to clipboard feature by clicking its icon next to the Close button. This sends the list of validation errors to the clipboard in CSV format for use, for instance, in a spreadsheet application.