Using In-Context Editing

In-context editing (ICE) bridges the gap between entering content and previewing the results. Content contributors can enter content directly into a page's layout and see the results of their work immediately. ICE makes it possible to edit this rendered content directly if users have appropriate permissions and an ICE layout has been added to the page's ASP.Net view.

To access and use in-context editing:

  1. Navigate to Site > Site Tree.
  2. Select the page you want to edit.
  3. Ensure the page is checked out to you.

    Note: If the page isn't checked out to you, right-click the page and select Check Out.

  4. Open the Edit tab and select In-Context Edit View from the drop-down list.

    Choose ICE from Menu

  5. Click an editable field to open for ICE. Make your changes:
    • Editing text fields: When you click a text element in ICE mode, a text field opens where you can enter, delete, or copy/paste text. The size of the field adjusts to show all the content.

      Editable ICE Field

    • Editing XHTML editor fields: The XHTML editor element differs from text elements. When you click content contained in the XHTML element, the XHTML editor opens above the ICE rendition. The ICE version of the XHTML editor displays the same XHTML editor controls as other modes.

    Note: When you click a content area that takes a component, the Edit this field In-Context dialog displays. Make changes in this dialog. Click Apply Changes when finished.

  6. Click the checkmark icon (✔) in the upper right corner of the ICE field to save your changes when you're satisfied with your edit.

    Note: Your changes to ICE fields save automatically if you move to a new page.

    Note: The cancel icon (x) to the left of the checkmark icon closes the ICE field.

Version Notes: CMS 10.2+

As of Ingeniux CMS 10.2+, content contributors can add or remove items within a list via ICE.

Important: Before adding or removing items from a list, ensure that an administrator selects the Grouped in expanded XML checkbox in the schema's ICE list element.

To add an item from a list within ICE:

  1. Navigate to Site > Edit > In-Context Edit View.
  2. Select the page you wish to edit.

    Note: The page you select must contain an ICE layout for the list element.

  3. Ensure the page is checked out to you.
  4. Click within the ICE field. The Edit this field in In-Context dialog displays.

    ICE Editing Dialog

  5. Click Add New. The new item field displays.

    Note: To remove an item, click its Clear icon. The Clear Element dialog displays. Click Clear.

  6. Enter a value in the item field.
  7. Click Apply Changes.