Map Details in DITA Properties

The Map Details tab displays on DITA map files (.ditamap). This tab provides details about the currently selected DITA map. Users can also access this tab to run actions that simultaneously execute on the map and all the map's dependencies.

DITA Map Dependency Structure

Users can access a composite view of all content items associated with the currently selected DITA map. This view provides the following details about each dependent map and topic:

  • Copy-to name (if applicable)
  • Checked in/out status
  • Mark/Unmarked for publish status
  • User assignment
  • Group assignment
  • Active status of the content item (i.e., whether or not the content item has been deleted from the CMS)

See Viewing DITA Map Dependency Structures for details about this tab feature.

DITA Map Authoring and Publishing Actions

Users can access the Map Details tab to run a single action that simultaneously executes on the map and all the map's dependencies. For example, if a user selects the Check In action in the Map Details tab, then the system will check in the selected map and all dependencies (i.e., Depends-On references) within that map.

See the following for details about these batch operations:

DITA Map Download

Users can download the full DITA map and all their dependencies directly from the Map Details tab. The system downloads the files based on their structure in the Assets Manager and makes them available via .zip file. This download only includes the current map and all associated dependencies. The .zip file does not include files outside the map dependents.

See Downloading DITA Maps for details.

DITA Map Metadata

Users can apply metadata from field types (e.g., content, categorization, or script-generated fields) to aggregate maps into groups that suit their organizations needs and preferences.

See Creating DITA Map Metadata for details.