Deleting DITA Map Aliases

With administrative permissions, you can delete any aliased DITA map. The delete action only removes the alias from the Site Tree. The associated DITA map remains in the Assets Tree.

There are three locations in Ingeniux CMS where administrators can delete aliased DITA Maps:

  • From the context menu of the aliased DITA map in the Site Tree.
  • From the DITA Properties tab in Assets.
  • From the DITA Map Manager in Administration.

You can only delete aliased DITA maps, which, in turn, deletes all dependent topics. You cannot delete individual aliased topics.

To delete an aliased DITA map:
  1. Navigate to Administration > DITA > DITA Map Manager > [Select Map] > Manage Aliases.
  2. To delete an alias instance(s), click one of the following buttons:
    • To delete a particular alias instance, click the Update Alias Structure icon under Delete.
    • To delete all alias instances listed, click the Delete All button in the Aliases toolbar.
    A confirmation dialog displays.
  3. Confirm the deletion by clicking the appropriate button.
    The alias deletion operation is permanent, but does not affect the associated DITA map, which remains as an asset in the Asset Tree.